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We can help you take advantage of the benefits that UV protecting film offers.

Window tinting, also known as UV protecting film, has many benefits for both homes and businesses. For instance, installing UV protecting film on the windows of your Columbus, Ohio property helps keep your furniture, decor, floor, and other belongings safe from UV rays while improving the efficiency of your space.

UV Protecting Film in Columbus, Ohio

If you’re interested in the other benefits of UV protecting film, our team at Platinum Paint Protection would be more than happy to tell you more. We can also offer professional installation services to ensure that your new film will function flawlessly for years to come.

UV protecting film is designed to stop up to 99% of UV rays. Blocking these rays helps prevent furniture, floors, and artwork from fading due to sun exposure, but this isn’t the only benefit. Installing UV protective film can also reduce glare in your space, which can be great for office spaces where people need to focus on computer screens. Additionally, many types of UV protecting film offer increased privacy and peace of mind because their application makes it harder to see what’s happening inside. If you want to improve the privacy of your home or commercial facility, applying a window tint can be a cost-effective solution.

Our team can help you choose the best type of UV protecting film for your needs, whether you primarily want to block out heat, protect your privacy, or make your space look better. We can also give you professional tips on how to take care of and maintain the film so that it lasts longer. If you’re a business or homeowner in the Columbus area, contact us today to find out more.

At Platinum Paint Protection, we install UV protecting film for customers in Columbus, Dublin, Plain City Powell, Franklin County, and Delaware County, Ohio.